Documents and Downloads

On Friday 30 October 2020, Tudno Developments Ltd triggered the statutory pre-application consultation period, allowing the community to have their say on the proposals prior to submitting a planning application to Conwy County Council.

As part of this statutory requirement, draft versions of the planning documents must be made publicly available. These documents can be viewed or downloaded using the links below.

Draft planning documents:

  1. Application form and certificates
  2. Site Location Plan – AP01
  3. Existing Site Block Plan AP02
  4. Existing Basement Plan AP03
  5. Existing site and Ground Floor Plan AP04
  6. Existing First and Second Floor Plans AP05
  7. Existing Elevations Sheet 1 of 2 AP06
  8. Existing Elevations Sheet 2 of 2 AP07
  9. Existing Window Survey AP08
  10. Proposed Site Plan AP09 Rev A
  11. Proposed Lower Ground Floor Plan AP10 Rev A
  12. Proposed Ground Floor Plan AP11Rev A
  13. Proposed First Floor Plan AP12 Rev A
  14. Proposed Second Floor Plan AP13 Rev A
  15. Proposed Third Floor Plan AP14 Rev A
  16. Proposed Roof Plan AP15 Rev A
  17. Proposed Elevations Sheet 1 of 2 AP16 Rev A
  18. Proposed Elevations Sheet 2 of 2 AP17 Rev A
  19. External Elevation Details AD31 to AD47
  20. Proposed External Lighting Elevations Sheet 1 of 2 AP18 Rev A
  21. Proposed External lighting Elevations Sheet 2 of 2 AP19 Rev A
  22. Proposed External Signage Elevations AP20 Rev A
  23. Proposed External Signage Elevations AP21 Rev A
  24. Flood Management Measures AP22 Rev A
  25. Landscape Strategy AP23 Rev A
  26. Proposed Typical Section AP24 Rev A
  27. Proposed Rebuilt Façade Details AP25 Rev A
  28. Proposed Reconstruction Details Sheet 2 AP26 Rev A
  29. Proposed Rebuild Chimney Details AP27 Rev A
  30. Proposed Railing Details AP29 Rev A
  31. External Lift Layout AP30 Rev A
  32. Proposed Hanging Rail Cycle Parking Details AP31 Rev A
  33. Proposed Window Details AP32
  34. Proposed Dormer Window Details AP33
  35. Existing External Elevations AP100
  36. Existing Mostyn Broadway Bay Windows AP101
  37. Existing Front Elevation Central Window AP102
  38. Existing Bay Windows Above Canopy AP103
  39. Existing Various Bay Windows AP104
  40. Existing Windows to Corner Elevation AP105
  41. Existing Dormer Windows AP106
  42. Existing Second Floor Windows AP107
  43. Existing Entrance Canopy AP108
  44. Existing Band Detail at Rood Level Ap109
  45. Photographic Record of Existing Details
  46. Design and Access Statement Ver 5
  47. Heritage Statement Issue 2
  48. Planning Statement including Community and linguistic Statement, Retail Impact Statement and Tourism and Recreation Statement
  49. Biodiversity Statement
  50. Flood Consequences Report and Appendices
  51. Foul and Surface Water Drainage Strategy
  52. Transport Statement